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1.    Will my prosthesis be covered by my insurance?

Most insurance companies cover prosthetic services.  It is dependent on your employer, type of coverage, your age, and other factors.  Medicare usually covers most of the expenses for prosthetic services.  If you have private insurance, you should check your specific policy.

2.    Do I need a prescription from my physician? 

Yes.  State and federal law requires each of our patients to have a prescription signed by their physician before we can fabricate a prosthetis.  No prescription is needed for an initial evaluation.

3.    Will my residual limb change in size?

Yes.  Over time your residual limb will shrink.  Immediately following your amputation, your limb will be swollen and have a bulbous shape.  It will gradually shrink down to have a cylindrical or conical shape.  The most common method of helping the shrinkage of the residual limb is a stump shrinker, which we will provide following your surgery.

4.    How long will it take to get my prosthesis?

It usually takes approximately 2 weeks from the initial limb impression to delivery of the prosthesis.  The first visit will consist of residual limb measurements and taking an impression of your limb.  The second visit, about one week later, is a “diagnostic fitting.”  At this time, patients will be fit with a plastic test socket which we use as a diagnostic tool to achieve maximum patient comfort.  This will also be the first time patients will stand and begin to take a few steps with the prosthesis.  If a second diagnostic fitting is necessary, we will do so a few days later.  The next visit is delivery of the prosthesis.  We typically deliver prostheses without a cosmetic cover to easily allow changes to be made to the alignment during the rehabilitation process.  A cover is fabricated once the alignment is set, although even at that point, alignment changes are still possible.

5.    How long will my prosthesis last?

A temporary prosthesis is usually used for 3-6 months, typically for rehabilitation purposes.  Definitive prostheses can last for 5 years or more in some cases.  Prostheses are replaced mainly because the no longer fit, due to anatomical changes, not because they have worn out.

6.    Will I be able to return to work?

This depends on your profession.  Many amputees are able to return to their jobs with no complications.  Some may need to change their job description or duties, while others may change jobs completely.  You should speak with your employer about your intentions and capabilities regarding employment.

7.    When should I check my residual limb and what should I look for?

You should check your residual limb everyday for any skin changes.  If you notice redness, blisters, drainage, severe swelling, or pain you should call your Prosthetist immediately. 

8.    What makes Louisville Prosthetics different from other companies in the area?

We feel that our experience and commitment to our patients is what sets us apart.  We are a family owned and operated business that specializes in prosthetic care.  Because of this, we’re able to develop close relationships with our patients that last a lifetime.  With over 85 years of combined clinical experience, our practitioners have a clear understanding of what it takes to return prosthetic patients to an independent, active lifestyle.

9.    My physician has recommended amputation.  Is it too soon to contact Louisville Prosthetics?

No.  By contacting Louisville Prosthetics you will begin the pre-prosthetic care process.  We have educational information available for patients and loved ones that will help answer questions you may have about your future prosthetic management.  Our Prosthetists will be happy to speak with you about what you can expect, how you can prepare, etc.  Please feel free to contact us.

10.    How often should I see my Prosthetist?

We recommend follow up visits every 3 to 6  months under normal circumstances. This is necessary for normal maintenance and care.  However, if there is ever a time when you feel like you need an adjustment or change in any way, we will be happy to schedule an appointment for you.



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