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Louisville Prosthetics is pleased to provide the following services to our patients:

Pre-Prosthetic Consults

Residual Limb Shrinkers

Hospital / Clinical Evaluations

Partial Foot Prostheses

Transtibial (Below Knee) Prostheses

Transfemoral (Above Knee) Prostheses

Knee Disarticulation Prostheses

Custom Cosmetic Coverings

Swim Prostheses

Sports Prostheses

Partial Hand Prostheses

Transradial (Below Elbow) Prostheses

Elbow Disarticulation Prostheses

Transhumeral (Above Elbow) Prostheses

Congenital Anomolies

Microprocessor Controlled Knee Units

Myoelectric Upper Extremity

Vacuum Assisted Suspension Systems

Computer Aided Design and Manufacture

Endoskeletal or Exoskeletal

M.A.S. Socket Technology

RCR Transtibial Socket Technology



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